Striped RVCA Beanie

November 7, 2017 by Urban Clothing  

Striped RVCA Beanie review

Striped RVCA beanie

This RVCA Senate striped beanie is a real winner. Not sure what it is about RVCA but we just love their gear here at Urban Surf it just seems to have that classic style….

It has a nice classic woven circular logo on the roll back cuff as with most beanie’s it’s a one size fits all jobbie and their is plenty of stretch in the fabric so should fit anybody’s bonce. The material is woven 100% acrylic so will be warm yet still breathable to keep your head temperature comfortable. I know it’s ‘only’ a beanie but we like it, and it’s bloody cold out there so we need it too!

It’s a solid 4 starer!

Sorry, we’ve checked and we can’t find this product in stock anywhere now :-(
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