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Animal clothing was conceived in 1987 by 2 surfers who were frustrated by losing their watches under extreme surfing conditions. The simplicity of the animal watch strap design which they came up with was ultra-transferable across many outdoor sports, and they now produce a fantastic line in Windsurfing watches, Skateboarding watches, Mountain-Biking watches and Snowboarding watches.

Since then, Animal clothing has grown into one of the UK's fastest growing actions sports brands, and here at urbansurf, we stock a full range of not only the world-famous Animal watches, but also Animal footwear, Animal clothing and all manner of Animal accessories.

Animal is a design-led sports brand boasting world-leading competitors in each of the core sports it embraces. The process of consulting the riders on the design of Animal products ensures they perform in any active sports environment. Animal clothing and animal accessories are the main sponsor of the Animal Windfest, an annual three day long festival of water-sports held in September at Sandbanks, Pool.

Should you not be able to locate the Animal clothes or Animal accessories you require here at, please feel free to contact us where we'll be only too happy to help! Good luck with the animal hunting!

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