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Urbansurf are proud to offer you the latest Billabong clothing rage. Billabong surf clothing is one of the most popular surf clothing choices of our urban surf following. We offer you a great selection of Billabong clothing and Billabong accessories, including Billabong hats, Billabong Hoodies, Billabong t-shirts, billabong flip-flops and billabong board shorts. If you’re looking to go on a surfing holiday, we also have some great deals on Billabong backpacks Use our handy filtering drop down box to take you to the billabong clothing range you’re looking for. Many of our products are supplied by surf dome and they have a great search facility allowing you to browse by clothing products, sizes and colours. Billabong is one of the original main stream brand for surf clothes, and are a major rival to the other great surf brands such as Rip Curl and Quicksilver. The company was founded like all others from small beginnings by people who simply had a passion for surf and surf clothing. The brand was built by its founders in Australia, where some of the best surf breaks in the world are now graced by surfers wearing the legendary Billabong clothing range. Gordon Merchant was the original Billabong founder and spent his time making surf clothes and surfing on the Gold Coast. Whilst surf clothes were still popular, there we now main brands so he was indeed very surprised at the huge success his clothing range experienced.

Billabong surfwear has now been worn by beginner and professional surfers alike since 1973, the clothes are of extremely high quality so it wouldn’t suprise us if some of the original Billabong board shorts area still being worn to this day!

If you can’t find the surf wear you’re looking for, then feel free to contact us and we’ll try and track it down for you.