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O’Neill is the original Californian surf clothing, snow and lifestyle brand. Founded in 1952 when pioneer Jack O'Neill wished to stay in the chilly Northern Californian waters for a longer period, O'Neill manufactured the first O’Neill wetsuit by stitching together patches of neoprene .

While many things have changed since these very simple beginnings, the initial theory of producing innovative and functional products designed for boardriding lies at the very core of the O'Neill surf clothing and accessories range

Here at urbansurf.co.uk, we stock an extensive range of O'Neill Clothing and O'Neill Accessories, including all the O’Neill wetsuits, O’Neill board shorts, O’Neill caps and O’Neill tshirts. All the O'Neill clothes we have found are in stock and ready for dispatch our system is updated from the top merchants every day!

O'Neill is supported around the world by top professionals from the surf, snow, skate and wake divisions and is truly an expression of the action sports lifestyle.

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