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Quiksilver clothing was founded in 1970 in Torquay, Australia, when Australian surfers Alan Green and John Law had the idea of selling wetsuits for a living. They redesigned the wetsuit, creating one that was specifically designed for surfing, and over time, introduced a range of Quiksilver clothing and surfwear products, including Quiksilver boardshorts specifically designed for surfing.

From simple beginnings of distributing Quiksilver clothing directly to consumers, Quiksilver clothes are now a massive, global company with a collection of lifestyle brands such as Roxy and Gotcha. Quiksilver have gone onto become market leaders of the international surf/sports fashion industry and action sports market.

Quiksilver sponsors around 500 amateur and professional surfers, snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders. Among them are surfer Kelly Slater, Quiksilver snowboarder Travis Rice and the legend skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Quiksilver has also become far more than just a fashion apparel company. Quiksilver is a company with deep roots in the history of outdoor, including snowboarding, skateboarding and skiing. Quiksilver clothes have taken the quality of their products as their priority and as a result their products are first class. They truly are an international surf brand of the past, present and future.

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