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A relatively new player on the urban scene, WeSC headphones and Wesc clothing are designed for the "Intellectual Slacker"!!!

Founded in 1999, WeSC has quickly become a firm favourite here at urbansurf.co.uk. A combination of tremendous WeSc headphones and Wesc Clothing is proving to be very popular indeed!

Founded in Sweden in 1999, WeSC clothing is mainly inspired by the skateboarding scene and therefore the line is very durable for skating. Initially, WeSC increased its reputation and popularity by sponsoring underground musicians with connections to the world of skateboarding. This gained WeSC a reputation as being underground and alternative, and urbansurf.co.uk is a big fan!

WeSC have grown to a point where they are becoming ever popular, and ex-skateboarder turned actor Jason Lee is a major fan. He tends to wear the full range of WeSC caps, WeSC tshirts and WeSC jeans.

Become a "weactivist" and purchase WeSC clothing and WeSC accessories at urbansurf.co.uk. If you can’t find the WeSC line of clothing your looking for then feel free to drop us a line here at Urban Surf and we’ll see what we can do.

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