Plaid Converse All Stars

November 23, 2015 by Urban Clothing  

Plaid Converse All Starrs review

We have been a big fan of Converse All Stars since back in the day when your options for skate shoes were non exsistant but Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars basketball shoes offered a superior grip to any other shoe out there, nothing came close. These days skate shoe companies are everywhere and to be fair offer more grip and protection than Cons ever did but the humble All Star has become a fashion favourite with an ever expanding choice of prints and colours.

This latest plaid design has us split here at Urban Surf, personally it reminds me of all that punk bidness with all the zips and that from the seventies but then I am an oldy! They’re a bit like tartan Converse too. Other people seem to love them but it’s my review so I say they get a 3!

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